Title of the project:

Mentoring instead of failing!

Purpose of the program to be supported:

We are currently working on a program to support school-aged children in the district: As a first step, with the help of a teachers, schools and parents, we will organize preparation for re-taking exams and tutoring for students participating in the program. We would like to expand it into a mentoring program in the future with the help of professionals from different fields, adapting to the needs emerging on the way.
Our goal in the first phase is to reduce the number of failures, to bring the students’ factual knowledge to a sufficient level, and to increase their motivation and self-confidence.

The need / problem the project offers a solution for:

In December last year, we were out at the Main Square Christmas Market every weekend, and we asked people if they had 1 million forints, where, whom would they help in the district?
Among the cases to be supported, helping children was high. We knew this was an important topic we wanted to get involved in.
Andrea Ujvári, now a retired deputy principal of a school in Óbuda, recently joined our team and suggested that we could launch a mentoring program for children who need it most – be it tutoring on school subjects or life counselling and guidance.

Planned activities in the project, and the expected schedule:

We want to prepare twenty students for the end-of-summer re-take exams, in collaboration with both school teachers and parents.
In the mentoring program, we plan individual or group sessions according to the needs, and in the future we would expand this with counselling on children’s private or family problems.
We have agreed with the headmaster of a school about the program, he would welcome it to their school, we are now working to find another partner school.
We also started “recruiting” teachers to work with us, we will consult with the students, their teachers and their parents in June, and then we will sign a contract with the participants.
In mid-July, students can begin preparing for the re-take exams.
At the end of August, we will evaluate the program and decide whether to continue to follow-up the students who participated in the program during the school year, helping them to be more successful in the next school year.

Planned budget of the project, in brief (cost types and amounts):

We plan to work with twenty students and ten teachers because we don’t know yet how many school subjects to cover.
One hour of teaching work, including tax contributions, was calculated at HUF 3,000.
The preparation was planned for six weeks, two days a week and 3 hours a day, i.e. for 36 hours per teacher, a total of HUF 108,000. This is HUF 1,080,000 for ten teachers.

Intended use of the support collected at Swimathon:

We want to collect for the salaries of our teachers.

Milyen hatást remélünk a projekt megvalósulásától és hogyan kívánjuk mérni azt?

We want to strengthen students’ self-confidence, their willingness to learn, and their motivation to work, to have as many “sense of achievement” as possible during the learning process – if necessary, through individual sessions. We want to develop a longer-term positive attitude with the help of a supportive background, the first direct result of which can be measured by the grades obtained in the re-take exams.

Name and objective of the NGO implementing the project:

Jóbuda Community Foundation
For us, a community foundation means the collection and distribution of resources of the local community, which increases local identity, greater responsibility for local problems and issues, and the chances of solving them locally, solidarity, social dialogue, equal opportunities and prosperity. .
As we most often put it: there is a shortage everywhere and there is a surplus everywhere, we want to connect these – here, in the district, for the sake of the district. We plan to embrace issues that would be too big a task for some people and too small for the municipality, but can be addressed on a community level.

Organizational data:

Name: Jóbuda Community Foundation
Headquarters: 1031 Budapest, Vitorla utca 9. 1st floor / 4. door
Tax number: 19305987-1-41
Website: https://legyenkozossegialapitvanyobudan.blog.hu/
Name and contact details of the contact person: József Huszerl; +36 30 94 99 158;
[email protected]