Title of the project:

Forest to the city!

Purpose of the program to be supported:

Our dream is to plant and cultivate a Miyawaki mini-forest in the heart of Ferencváros so it beats even greener. Such a mini-forest can have a very positive effect on air quality even in an area as big as a tennis court, and the effect can be measured as early as 1 year after planting, as it is a dense forest with a really fast-growing variety of native species, trees and shrubs.

The need / problem the project offers a solution for:

Urban air pollution is very high, which is also a source of many health problems. One of the most effective solutions for this is the trees, so we would like to have several Miyawaki forests in Ferencváros, in addition to the newly established mini-forests in Kiserdő and Boráros tér. Our goal is to create another mini-forest that can house more birds and insects and give us, humans, cleaner air.

Planned activities in the project, and the expected schedule:

Depending on the support received, we plan to plant our mini forest late fall of 2022, hopefully in as as large an area as possible. Although this type of forest stands on its own “feet”, we would take care of our forest for 3 years, so its survival is guaranteed.

Planned budget of the project, in brief (cost types and amounts):

Preparation (soil exchange, earthworks): HUF 100,000
Trees and shrubs (200-250 pieces): 1,600,000 – 2,000,000 HUF
Fence, educational tools-information boards: HUF 450,000
Maintenance costs (fence replacement, irrigation, etc.) HUF 300,000
Total: 2 450 000 – 2 850 000 HUF

Intended use of the support collected at Swimathon:

We could tailor our mini-forest to fit the donation we raised. We can guarantee 100% feasibility of the project, and that even the last penny will be in a good place! Our goal is collecting a minimum of HUF 2,450,000 of which approx. HUF 2,150,000 will be allocated for the planting of the forest, HUF 300,000 for the maintenance and the necessary equipment, as we do not only want to plant and create the mini-forest, but we consider the survival of the species living in it to be equally important.

What impact is expected from the implementation of the project and how will it be measured?

Miyawaki mini-forests are ecologically lively associations that are home to many species, insects and birds in the city, thus increasing biodiversity. In addition, they are also referred to as the lungs of cities, and because of their high density, they have been shown to be able to sequester a lot of dust and carbon dioxide.

Name and objective of the NGO implementing the project:

10 million Tree Foundation -IX. district group (Bp)
The community of 10 million trees is made up of ordinary people, it spontaneously dismantled its wings, and has undertaken to plant a mass of new trees (10 million pieces) nationwide.
Within the framework of the IXth District Group in Budapest, we operate on a non-profit basis, free of politics, and act on the principle of prevention and precaution. We have carried out significant plant growth since our establishment, and enriching Ferencváros with more than 380 trees and 4,500 shrubs. In the countryside we planted and cared for 78 large trees and 932 shrubs. We also run at Swimathon last year, and thanks to our successful campaign, we were able to manage the irrigation of our local greening program.

Organizational data:

Name: 10 Million Tree Foundation – IX. district group
Headquarters: 1072 Budapest, Klauzál tér 14, 3/19,
Date and number of the entry of the court: 19 October 2019. 01-01-0012870
Tax number: 19225294-1-42,
Bank account number: 16200106-11648804
Founder: Iván András Bojár,
Local group contact: Ilona Regina Dajka (10milli[email protected], [email protected], tel: 06-30-484-8166)
Website: https://10milliofa.hu (national organization), Facebook: 10 million trees – IX. District (local), 10 million Trees (national)