Title of the project:

FreeDoc Archives

Purpose of the program to be supported:

FreeDoc is by now a concept, a huge collection of photos surrounded by a significant community. It has been established by the photographer, teacher and activist Gabriella Csoszó and is connected, among other things to the Photography and Activism courses she runs that involves homeless activists and Roma youth.
It is a collection of photographs that show the social movements of the last ten years. Gabi’s photos have been used free of charge by trainers, educators and support programs by underfunded organizers and organizations for many years.
Our old dream can come true now as our goal is to preserve and make this ninety thousand and a selection of fifteen thousand FreeDoc photos available, searchable and teachable as a professional photo archive.

The need / problem the project offers a solution for:

The FreeDoc collection, which is independent of the reigning power at all times, can be able to show its civic courage, the despair and stance, the power of wanting to change, even in this limited media space. We want you to be able to see these images in the future, to give you strength to continue, and that you would be able to continue using them. You, us, civilians, our society. We don’t want the current reigning power be able to erase the images of the force and struggle of many tens of thousands of people from our memory. We want to continue to show the things that are less visible, thus supporting those who take action.

Planned activities in the project, and the expected schedule:

September 2022 – March 2023: In the first period of the archive’s establishment, the image material will be processed: image editing, selecting, sorting, technical preparation, Photoshop, scaling…
March 2023 – June 2023: Technical design of the archive, setting up the structure, development of the web background – design, visual design
June 2023 – August 2023: Gradual upload of images
August 2023 – October 2023: Fine-tuning – keywords – test run
November 2023 – December 2023: Presentation – Public
January 2024 – March 2024: Press Release, Workshops – Opening it for Civil, Social usage – “New Visible Spaces of Publicity” Series

Planned budget of the project, in brief (cost types and amounts):

Image editing, selecting, sorting, technical preparation, Photoshop, scaling, preparation, + concept – 100 hours / 5000 HUF – 500 000 HUF
Data, keywords: 60 hours / 1800 HUF – 108 000 HUF
Copywriting, background research, correction: 60 hours / 5000 HUF – 300 000 HUF
Web design, basic structure: HUF 800,000
Hosting (web), domain for 5 years – HUF 250,000
3 workshops: HUF 300,000
Total: HUF 2,258,000

Intended use of the support collected at Swimathon:

We want to raise about HUF 1.5 million at the Swimathon.
Building a valuable, easy-to-use online archive is the fruit of many people’s tiring, enthusiastic, precise and long-term work. The processing, systematization, editing and data linking of the images, the research behind them, the design of the surfaces and their appearance are all important parts of the implementation. We will need a minimum of a year and a half to create the first full-featured interface. (Of course, the movements will not be left without images until then, as some of the images will be available on our active flicker page.)

What impact is expected from the implementation of the project and how will it be measured?

Public appearances, publications, exhibitions, groups that communicate with our photos as regular partners, publications on official and social media platforms.
Participation in research programs is all part of FreeDoc’s practice. Our public appearances are visible and are measurable, and can be followed by links.
The number of participants in our trainings, the number of non-governmental students who use images as a source and their professional work can also be seen, accessed and followed.

Name and objective of the NGO implementing the project:

FreeDoc group
Social photo archive
Contact person’s name, contact information:
Csoszó Gabriella
[email protected]

Organizational data:

Operating organisation:
Name: Zöld Pók Foundation
Headquarters: 1021- Budapest, Labanc utca 4. 4. door
Date and number of the court registration: ZPK 61/800/1993; 01-01-0004493
Tax number: 18064326142
Website: http://zoldpok.hu/
Contact person’s name, contact: Hronyecz Andrea, [email protected] +36302929526