Title of the project:

Join the Fund!

Purpose of the program to be supported:

We have set up a long-term community foundation to support formal and informal communities of residents, we plan to launch the first support fund to locals this year. By engaging individuals and businesses committed to our district, we want to mobilize new resources to build trust and a culture of donation. Exclusively through the voluntary work of local residents we seek to strengthen civic initiatives that are important for many, that are exemplary and contribute to creating a good future.

The need / problem the project offers a solution for:

In today’s Hungarian society there is a lack of solidarity, respect for each other’s needs, cooperation and recognition of each other’s rights. Many of us suffer from this and we would act to change that. However, joint action, whether to support the elderly, to help those suffering from post-Covid symptoms, to commit to a sustainable environment, to improve the situation of those in crisis or to recognize the power of neighborhood, has often been hampered by discouragement, lack of organizing power or missing heroes who take up the challenge and build self-organizing communities. We, the Kétker Community Foundation, are committed to local fundraising, grant distribution, and building small communities.

Planned activities in the project, and the expected schedule:

Continuously in 2022: building a wide network of contacts
2022. III. quarter: development of public relations tools among residents
2022. III-IV. quarter: creation of support funds from donations, launching applications for low-threshold support to support public initiatives.

Planned budget of the project, in brief (cost types and amounts):

  • setting up financial assistance funds (2-3 funds HUF 200-500 thousand / fund) HUF 1.5-1.6 million
    design and operation of communication devices 3-400 thousand HUF
    Project budget: HUF 2 million
  • kommunikációs eszközök kialakítása, működtetése 3-400 eFt

A projekt költségvetése: 2 millió Ft

Intended use of the support collected at Swimathon:

At Swimathon, we would like to raise a minimum of HUF 2 million, which is intended entirely for the establishment and operation of the first support funds. Since our establishment (July 2021), we have been constantly preparing to achieve our goals in the best, most transparent and most efficient way possible. In the meantime, we are constantly collecting donations and gaining experiences by pilot-supports on how to create the funds, organizing Christmas events for children in crisis situations, helping refugee families, and supporting neighbourhood-strengthening programs.

What impact is expected from the implementation of the project and how will it be measured?

We also expect an increase in the number of widely known public initiatives from the project, an increase the level of awareness of our organisation among the locals as a young community foundation, an increase in the number of visitors to our social media platforms and the number of people who subscribe to our newsletter.
Ensuring the adequate financial strength of our growing community foundation is also laying the foundations for long-term operation.

Name and objective of the NGO implementing the project:

Kétker Community Foundation
To develop a donor culture and strengthen the commitment to local affairs, support initiatives for the development of the district to improve its social, health, public education, and cultural services, in particular by promoting democracy-building initiatives and programs that serve dialogue.

Organizational data:

Name: Kétker Community Foundation (KétkerKA)
Registered office: 1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly utca 26.
Date and number of the court entry: 05.07.2021. 01-01-0013154
Tax number: 19307161-1-41
Website: in progress
Contact person’s name, contact: Ágnes Hadházy
[email protected], 309820580