Title of the project

“The world will be a better place from our stories”

Purpose of the program to be supported:

We would like to use the donations collected in the Swimathon 2022 for the post-production, distribution and festival promotion of two public service short films and a documentary made in 2022, so that these works can reach as many people as possible. There is a lot of fear and prejudice about the topics of all three films.
We want to make our society more sensitive about old-age dementia in the case of “Forget-me-nots”; about the motivation of those living in institution with the help of the “Against the Wind”, prepared together with the Életrevaló Association; and about high-risk scoliosis surgeries through the “Close-up Spine Surgery” film prepared in collaboration with the Vertebra Foundation.
Among the first ones, we will present our work to those Ferencváros people who are interested and to our supporters in a private presentation, where viewers will be able to meet the creators and stakeholders directly.

The need / problem the project offers a solution for:

Audiences need inspiring films that show positive initiatives. A well-executed work can trigger huge changes, both for the viewer and the phenomenon presented, but also for the initiator himself.
All three of this year’s films, which we are working on and distributing with our partners, will focus on understanding and accepting disadvantaged groups in order to get the right help from the majority society.

Planned activities in the project, and the expected schedule:

Post-production related to films: June 18, 2022 – October 31, 2022
Graphic design and reproduction: 18 June 2022 – 31 October 2022
Domestic and international entries: June 18, 2022 – December 20, 2023
Organization of film screenings: January 15, 2024 – May 31, 2024
Film screening in Ferencváros: Friday, February 16, 2024

Planned budget of the project, in brief (cost types and amounts):

Post-production costs: HUF 1,500,000
Graphic and printing costs: HUF 200,000
Domestic and international registration fees, other festival costs: HUF 800,000
Organization of film screenings: HUF 500,000

Intended use of the support collected at Swimathon:

The donations raised at Swimathon are planned to be used for the post-production of the three films presented above (music writing, lighting, sound work, subtitling, intro-outro, English translation and subtitling, film poster design, etc.) and the costs of distribution and festival promotion.

What impact is expected from the implementation of the project and how will it be measured?

Film is still the most effective means of communication if the goal is to reach a large audience, which is even more so in the age of social media and video sharing sites.
During the shooting of „Against the Wind”, teamwork was accompanied by serious individual and group development.
Young people growing up in foster homes can experience success and their ability to create value that is recognized by others, to foster a social interest that shapes the image of children growing up in an institutional setting.
“Forget-me-nots”, can help the early detection, understanding, and acceptance of the disease in the majority society.
“Close-up Spine Surgery” can encourage children about to have spinal surgery and their families, preparing them for the difficulties of the journey ahead.

Name and objective of the NGO implementing the project:

The Északi Támpont Association, founded in 1996, is a non-profit creative group, a value based community dedicated to public service communication. We only undertake to present projects that we ourselves believe in and that we can identify with, all in a cost-effective way.
We believe that making the world a better place must begin in our own microenvironment. To this end, we initiate a pragmatic dialogue on social issues in cooperation with other non-governmental organizations, companies and institutions, presenting specific issues and stories.

Organizational data:

Name: Északi Támpont Public Benefit Association
Head office: 1196 Budapest Zalaegerszeg utca 117.
date and number of the court entry: 01-02-0007440
tax number: 18085019-1-43
website: http://www.eszakitampont.hu
leader of the project: Muchichka László, [email protected], +3620-526-4386
leader of the organisation: Tóth Bálint, [email protected], +3670-365-7245